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Emma Amos: Color Odyssey

2021 | USA | 3:32

Across her prolific career as a pioneering artist, educator, and activist, Emma Amos (American, 1937–2020) created boldly colorful and innovative works that explore the intersections of race and gender in American life. This exhibition surveys her body of work from the 1950s to the 2010s for the first time, spotlighting her inventive approach to printmaking, painting, and weaving as well as her signature practice of combining distinctive materials and artistic techniques. Amos’s works investigate identity and privilege while unsettling the lines between figuration and abstraction, craft and fine art, beauty and power. – The Philadelphia Museum of Art

Director/Producer/DP: Daniel Traub
Producer/Editor/: Michele Zarbafian
Art Director: Luis Bravo
Writers: Laurel Garber and Sid Rodriguez
Producer: Gretchen Dykstra
Narration: Laurel Garber
Audio Production: Robert Bell
Commissioned by the Philadelphia Museum of Art