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Brooklyn, NY 11237

Tel: (+1) 917.214.5736


Itinerant Pictures is a documentary film production company founded by filmmaker and photographer Daniel Traub.

Traub has directed documentaries including the Barefoot Artist about Lily Yeh and her collaborative artworks in marginalized communities; Xu Bing: Phoenix, which highlights the condition of Chinese migrant laborers; and, most recently, Into Her Own, which delves into the life and work of the New York-based artist Ursula von Rydingsvard.

His films have been shown at venues including Vancouver International Film Festival, Film Forum in New York City, Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago, The National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, MASS MoCA, and many others. They have been reviewed by publications including The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post and Variety.

Additionally, Traub has over two decades of experience as a documentary cinematographer on independent as well as network productions and series.


Daniel Traub  ︎

Feature Documentaries
Ursula von Rydingsvard: Into Her Own, Director/Producer/DoP, 2019
The Barefoot Artist, Co-Director/Producer w/Glenn Holsten, DoP, 2014

Selected Documentary Shorts
The Shape of Time: Korean Art after 1989, Director/Producer/DoP, 2023
Carmen Winant: A Brand New End: Survival and Its Pictures, Director/Producer/DoP, 2022
Ursula von Rydingsvard: Scientia, Director/Producer/DoP, 2017
Ursula von Rydingsvard: Giardino della Marinaressa, 2015
Little North Road, Director/Producer/DoP, 2015
Annabeth Rosen, Director/Producer/DoP, 2014
Xu Bing: Phoenix, Director/Producer/DoP, 2013
Vanishing Point, Director/Producer/DoP, 1998

Director of Photography/Cinematographer
Feature Documentaries
Hollywood Beauty Salon, DoP (Director: Glenn Holsten) 2015
Baddd Sonia Sanchez, Cinematographer (Directors: Janet Goldwater, Barbara Attie) 2015
OC87, DoP (Director: Glenn Holsten, Buddy Clayman), 2010

Selected Documentary Shorts
Awakening Creativity, DoP (Director: Anne-Lena Traub), 2017
London Bridge, DoP (Director/Producer Joel Sternfeld), 2016

Selected Television Documentaries
Computers v. Crime, PBS Nova, DoP, 2022
Decoding da Vinci, PBS Nova, Cinematographer, 2019
Decoding the Weather Machine, PBS Nova, Cinematographer, 2018
Kunst in der Wüste, Kalifornien und Nevada, Arte, Cinematographer, 2019
Treasures of the Earth: Power, Metals, Gems, PBS NOVA, Cinematographer, 2016
Charged: The DA vs. Black America, BET, DoP, 2016
Marijuana Wars, Al Jazeera English (People & Power), Cinematographer, 2014
Unwanted Children, Dan Rather Reports, AXS, Cinematographer, 2014
Ground Zero Supertower, PBS Nova, Cinematographer, 2013
Engineering Ground Zero, PBS Nova, Cinematographer, 2011
Seductive Subversion, Women Pop Artists 1958-68, Pew Center for Arts and Heritage, 2010
The Loneliest Animals, PBS Nature, Cinematographer–China segment, 2008
Heat, PBS Frontline, Cinematographer–China Segment, 2008
Silence of the Bees, PBS Nature, Cinematographer–China segment, 2008
Art China, Aspecte, German TV ZDF, DP, 2006
Driving Dreams, National Geographic Channel/CBC, Cinematographer, 2006
Travels in the Middle Kingdom, German Television ZDF, DoP, 2004
Every Day Heroes (China), German Television Phoenix, DoP, 2003
Der Gelbe Fluss (Yellow River, China), ZDF, DoP, 2002
In the Year of the Horse (China), German Television Phoenix, DoP, 2002
Capital Punishment in China, Arte, DP, 2002
Die Ruckkehr des Dschingis Kahn (In Search of Chingis Kahn, Mongolia), ZDF, DoP, 2001
Goldrausch in der Gobi (Gold Rush in the Gobi, Mongolia),  ZDF, DoP, 2001 (German TV camera award nominee)
Die Mauer Zerfallt (The Falling Wall, China), German Television Phoenix, DoP, 2001
Der Zorn des Drachen (Yangtze, China), ZDF, DoP, 2000
(Numerous reportage for German TV ZDF, AJI International, PBS Newshour and other broadcasters, 2000-2015)