Senga Nengudi: Topologies

2021 | USA | 11:14

Situated at the intersection of sculpture and performance, Senga Nengudi’s provocative works reimagine the possibilities for abstract art through an exploration of both the Black female body and the collective practices of community and ritual. A leader of the 1970s Black American avant-garde, Nengudi has built a powerful and innovative body of work rooted in her commitment to collaboration.

The film, commissioned by the Philadelphia Museum of Art, follows the curators Amanda Sroka and Alexis Assam as they introduce the exhibition Senga Nengudi: Topologies.

Director/Producer/Director of Photography: Daniel Traub
Producer/Editor/Cinematographer: Michele Zarbafian
Second Camera: James Wasserman
Location Sound: Andy Wenrich
Art Director: Luis Bravo
Producer: Gretchen Dykstra
Writers: Amanda Sroka and Alexis Assam
Commissioned by the Philadelphia Museum of Art

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